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The best way to begin the history of this journey is to say that "while we were yet sinners, Jesus died for us". We were living a life of filth not even worthy to speak openly about it, when the Lord Himself drew us to Himself.

In 1987, we knew that we can no more run from the Master, so we surrendered and began to learn of Him daily. The calling was very specific to the area of evangelism When the word came from the Lord, He specifically asked the question in Isaiah 6:8 which said "whom shall I send, and who will go for us". We found ourselves answering "I, Here am I; send me".

When we hear people say that "they got a visitation from the Lord", we normally mock them and say that it is all lies, but on July 14, 1987, it was real and clear that one can receive a visitation from the Lord Himself. After this, we continued to grow daily in the word of God We found ourselves getting deeply involved in most of our local church programs especially in the area of Bible Study and Evangelism.

We became grounded in living by faith. Our watch word daily was "the just shall live by faith". We kept growing in the word and later became housefellowship leaders and were ordained ministers in November 1995.

Our journey brought us to the United States of America. We continued to remember the key word given to us in 1987 in Isaiah 6:8. The desire was there to start another house- fellowship here in the US. As always, the enemy attached us and the battle raged for the next 7 (seven) years and we could not start anything.

Towards the end of 2002, myself and my wife went back to studying the word of God. We kept doing it and praying to God. One thing was very paramount in our hearts and that was "Jesus did not die for Africans or Nigerians alone", we began to speak to God that we need "a rainbow fellowship/church" Revelation 7:9 "where all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongue" will worship together in spirit and in truth.

In a miraculous way, without struggles God touched a family friend who incidentally is also a man of God who told us not to worry in coming all the way from Orange New Jersey, to Trenton New Jersey, that he will personally get the forms of registration for us. After that, he helped us in registering it and the registration took place on March 19, 2003. So Gospel Apostolic Church of America, was born.

The church started in our living room with just one brother whom I spoke to about the church and he promised to come and be part of what the Lord is doing. Gradually God began to add to us according to what we asked ( that is men and women from different tongues and kindreds Rev 7:9)

After one year and half, about October 2004, we moved to a bigger space due to increase which the book of Acts 2:47 spoke about "and the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved". The word of God continued to grow. Our mid-week services started and the love of Christ was and is still very evident in our midst. The Women ministry was born with only three women, today God has increased us. Today the church also has her Mens' ministry, also the Evangelical/Soulwinners group. We also have our Youth/Children dept, dealing with the younger generation and leaders of tomorrow teaching them to walk as the end-time army of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.

Our Hospitality Department is into feeding the needy and clothing them in the community. This dept is also into visitations and taking care of the widows etc. The ministry is also involved in training future Bible Teachers. Our Bible School has celebrated the second graduation ceremony. The Bible School is New Jersey State approved. Tuition is free to members of the church and outside students pay low fees.

Last year 2007, the Lord gave us an open door to be a member of Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship New Jersey Chapter and through this fellowship we came in contact with Evangelist Colleen Wheeler, she has been a great help to us in the area of Soulwinning since this also is the area of her heartbeat. She is a wonderful woman of God.

By the grace of God, this ministry has survived many shakings, persecutions and outright hatred, but we continue to stand on the word of the Lord in Romans 8: 36-39, Matthew 16:18 and II Corinthians 4: 1-end. The Lord gave us a very special "motto" concerning this ministry apart from our original "motto" which has to do with soulwinning. This new "motto" is an encouragement from the Almighty God and it reads "I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name - Rev 3:8".