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Jesus expects the body of Christ, the church, to possess a heart of compassion, just like His, for the poor and needy. We are called, therefore, to feed the 5000 and the 4000.

More than that, this ministry has a mission born out of a vision, to be a basket of fish and bread in the midst of hunger, and a beacon of light in the midst of darkness. The Lord showed us a vision of why HE BROUGHT US TO WHERE WE ARE IN NEWARK. God said we are here to feed the poor around us. That is why our primary service to this community is to "share our bread with the hungry, and to bring the poor that are cast out to our house, and to cover the naked, and to not hide from our relatives who need our help" Isaiah 58:7.

So far has God helped us. At the moment, we are able to feed and clothe the poor only once a month. We would like to do it every day. We would like to provide shelter for the homeless. We are far from doing this. But with God all things are possible. These and others as the Lord will direct, we will do by the grace of God.