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When I met my husband, he enjoyed smoking cigar. I thought since I know Jesus Christ it will be easy for him to stop smoking. But it was not so. My husband joined the Gospel Apostolic Church 5 years ago and still he did not stop smoking. You can understand how I felt, everything in the house also my clothes was smelling  cigar. Nobody could convince him that smoking was not right in the eyes of God. After Sunday service, the first thing he was doing  on our way home is smoking, and when I would say something,  a dispute started. We tried everything.  Some friends were telling him that smoking was very bad for his health. In December 2009 the Pastor called for a 7 day fast and my husband decided to fast for the 7 days. I told him that God  is Holy. He has to stop smoking for that week  if he would particapate in fasting. Thank God he did stop, and from that day on he never smoked again. All the Glory belongs to God.  God's ways are not our ways  and his thoughts is our thoughts.  Are you in a situation where there seem to be no way?  Remember God is an on time God, He is never late!  Call upon Him and He will answer you - John 14:14

I. D.



I met my husband when I was in college.  We had a music class together and we were sitting at the back of the class. He told me his mother could help me with english composition.  During 9/11 he met with my father by divine arrangement because he was working with my father at the same place where the twin towers came down.  He then introduced himself to my father that he is my fiancee.  After three years in the relationship, I miraculously got pregnant.  The doctors put me on heavy medications due to some health problems that I had, but thanks be to God my son was born in 2003 healthy and without any birth defects.  He is doing very well now, shortly after my husband and I got married.  Before we could sit down to enjoy the bliss of married life, my husband was shipped to Iraq.

While he was in Iraq, the church of God prayed daily for his safe return home and the Lord heard their prayers and he came back better than the way he left.  Also while he was in Iraq, I was fond of sending him Newspapers and in one of the newspapers he found that there was a lottery going on for houses for NYC workers.  He played the lottery for the lowcost housing and we were chosen and the last and only house remaining was awarded to us miraculously.  After living a few months in the new house, I found out that I had a swelling on my breast and was told by the doctor to go in for a biopsy and by the special grace of God, it was not cancerous.

During this time I was going for biopsy and several other test, I miraculously found out that I was pregnant with my second son in 2009.  Three months into the prgnancy, I was told that he had a 1 in 199 chance to have down syndrome.  I prayed to the Lord about it and claimed III John: 2 and Psalm 118:17 for my unborn baby.  In the 4th to 5th month of the pregnancy, the doctors told me that my baby has a hole in his heart.  I and the church of God prayed about it and held on to the promise of God in Isaiah 8:18.  At this juncture, the doctor even suggested that I should abort the baby, but I held on to my faith in the Lord and began to even pray harder.  In the sixth month of my pregnancy, I was placed on a very strong medication again and on my next visit to the clinic, I was told that I have gestational diabetes.  I now know that satan is at war with me and that he wants to make sure that he frustrates me to the point that I will yield to abortion.

About seven weeks ago, my son was born healthy.  While I was waiting for my discharge, my husband and myself were surprised when we were told that our son will be taken to the intensive care unit for one week and will be placed on antibiotics because he has what is called "Meconium Aspiration".  We can now see that the devil is still fighting hard, but with Christ on our side, we are more than conquerers.  My Pastor came to pray and name the baby while he was still in the intensive care.  Glory to God that same day our baby was discharged from the hospital.  Satan lost all his battles in the name of Jesus Christ.

I made a vov unto the Lord while I was going through all these trials.  My vows is that my husband and I will raise the children God has trusted into our care in the way of the Lord -  Proverbs 22:6.  I seize this opportunity to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for the wonderful husband He gave me.  My husband is a blessing!  I have been blessed with a loving and caring church family,  a great family and inlaws and loving friends.  I will love all family members, church members and friends to shout a Jericho destroying Halleluja.  to the glory of God for His goodness and mercies upon me and my family.  Praise the Lord !



I  have every reason to thank God for my life.  Last year September I went to work just like every other day.  Normally, my job area is  always in the Stock Team, but on this day my supervisor  asked another worker to help me with two pallets after we finished she asked me to go work on the floor which sounds unusual  because I have always helped the girls to working on their pallet.  Just 10minutes later, I came back to the stock room to find out that the shelves and the celling have collapsed .  I just started thanking God for His hedge of protection over me.  The other girls missed the collapsing shelves by five steps.  We all sang praises to the Lord because it could have been a tragedy.  This reminds me of Psalm 91:7 that says "a thousand shall fall  at thy side, and ten thousand on thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee" Glory to God !

Paulina - NJ

Praise God!  My testimony has to do with when I was pregnant with my daughter Deborah, I was told by the doctors that the child that I am carrying in my womb has no limbs and so they suggested that I come in for abortion.  As a believer, I trusted the power of prayer and I called my Pastor to give him the diagnosis of the doctors.  He encouraged me with the word of God and prayed with me.  Till my baby was born, she was saturated with prayer three times a day.  God took all the glory on the day of delivery and my baby was born as a complete baby with no deformation.  Satan was put to shame.

Brigette -  NY.

Isaiah 59:19 says .."So shall they fear the name of the Lord............. When the enemy shall come like a flood.........".  So the enemy came like a flood against me in the year 2003.  In March 2003 I was very sick with a very  severe pain in my groins on the right side, I was rushed to the emergency only to be told that I will be going in for surgery.  The surgery again was deferred to April and on April 22, I was operated on and the result was that I had cancer.  Cancer?  I asked the doctor and he said yes and I told him "It cannot be so".  The journey for the treatment of cancer started, but I assured Satan that his plans have failed because I know the name in whom I trust "THE NAME THAT IS ABOVE ALL NAMES - THE NAME OF JESUS CHIRST".  Phil 2:9-11 and Isaiah 53:5.  I believe that cancer must bow at the name of Jesus Christ and that my healing have been paid for over 2000 years ago on the cross of Calvary.  I kept trusting God and I kept confessing my divine and supernatural healing and today am still standing and serving the Lord and confessing openly to the shame of Satan that - BY THE STRIPES OF JESUS CHRIST AM CANCER FREE . All glory to God!

Patience - NJ

God is a good God !   I was a  smoker for about 15 years and by the grace of God my co-worker at my job who is also a believer told me that God can deliver me from smoking  through the power of prayer, as at that time, I did not believe it.  I was a christian, but there were certain things that are still kind of new to me.  So in 2004 when my faith increased and my prayer life changed, I asked the Lord to take away the desire to smoke in my life and there came the miracle.  Today, am free from the fumes of smoking and my lungs now contains the fire of God and not the fire of cigarettes.  Hallelujah !

John  -   NJ

I was not a church person, but my wife is a very fine christian woman, but our marriage was heading for the rocks.  We are really in love, but somehow something was not working right between the two of  us.  When I turned myself in to accept Jesus Christ as Lord over my life and family, God saved my marriage.  Today, me and my wife are happily serving God together.  We see that he is the God of all impossibilites - Luke 1:37. Like Joshua, me and my house will continue to serve the Lord -  Joshua 24:15

Ron - NJ