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Deaconess Iryn Daniel
Our Women ministry is an arm of Gospel Apostolic Church and is called Winning Women Fellowship with our Mother in the Lord, Mrs Patience Oni as our Spiritual Adviser by His grace and Sist. Iryn Daniel as the President of the fellowship. The fellowship is made up of God fearing and God loving women, who have answered the call to walk in the will of God in this end time and to build the Kingdom of God through soul winning and reaching out into the community with love toward the helpless, needy, homeless and troubled teens, hurting single mothers and other women. Also looking out for men who are in need of help all through the love of Christ.

Our vision for the Women ministry is to reach out to the women in the shelter with the love of Christ and to encourage the down trodden women and their children that the future is still bright through Christ. To care for Widows and Orphans in our community, all other towns and cities in America and the world. To feed the hungry, clothe the naked, house the homeless, help the sick by bringing them to hospitals. Having yearly health fair, seminars for small business enterpreneaurship in this time of economic down turns. Teaching women finance management, teaching them how to go out get the right mortagages and how not to run into forclosures of their homes all these are done in God's own way and with the love of Christ. Helping pregnant teenagers while pregnant, and helping them to return to school after child birth and to bring them to the knowledge of Christ and abstinence, this is staying out there without sex until marriage. Helping mothers/single mothers with their children, also helping parents/single mothers with troubled children. We share Christ with unbelieving women/men. As a caring ministry we share God's love by reaching out to those who are hurting either through abusive marriage, financial troubles and encourage women going through divorce that Jesus Christ can heal, restore and give them peace and joy back better than before. We also work with singles seeking for relationships and women seperated and seeking to come back to their marriages and also those who are already divorced before coming in contact with Christ through us. We have our yearly Women Conference in September. Our goal is to train and bring back dignity to the lives of every woman and teaching them how to be winners through Christ, and in our conference you find women from all over the world. We also work with women who are seniors and encourage them through their old age that Christ also love the aged. Above all things, the older women to teach the younger women how to love their husbands and take care of their children and homes. We also bring lectures on real estates in God's way that will bring peace of mind. Remember cast your burdens upon the Lord - I Peter 5:7


You are welcome to the 6th annual women‘s conference of the GAC Winning Women Fellowship …

Every individual has a past whether good or bad. Regardless of our present or past circumstance the important thing is that everything that happens or has happened to us is for a purpose. We all have  different stories to tell  some more pleasant than others.  Nevertheless anything that happens to us becomes part of the individual’s history.  As women, how do we deal with past achievements, failures, disappointments, hurts, spiritual, physical or emotional?  What do we do as Christian women to empower our selves, financially, materially, spiritually, emotionally and health wise? Regardless of our present circumstances, how can we take the necessary steps to empower ourselves?  To empower means to be given the authority, or enablement to do something. By the end of this program it is my prayer that we shall be strong in the power of the Lord to do great things for ourselves and others in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.

For the women in the 21st century, there are a lot of things competing   for our interest because we wear so many different hats; some of us have made it as CEOs, professors in colleges, Medical Doctors, Pastors/Ministry or Political leaders and church founders, having demanding careers and still being submissive caring wife and mother. The woman is also the loving daughter, grandmother, auntie, friend, church-mother etc and she still makes time to serve in different humanitarian positions.  How do we joggle all these different roles and still be the woman that Christ wants us to be? We have an example in the bible, of a woman named Priscilla, who in spite of everything and every circumstances existing at that time, served God faithfully. Priscilla and her husband Aquila were the wonderful couple whom the Lord used to bless Paul on his mission and ministry to the gentiles.  The fact that they loved Paul and that they blessed the church was reflected in Paul’s letter to the Romans 16: 3-4. Priscilla the woman of the house in that time and age , might have chosen to be quiet and subservient taking a back seat and not doing  much to assist the men in their ministry.  Then possibly we might not have heard anything about her. But thank God that she was hospitable, dynamic and also supportive to her husband and the man of God and so her good deed brought her into the greatest book ever written. She did not only work with them as a fellow tent maker, she allowed the ark of God in her house, in that a church holds their meeting in their house. We all know what it takes to allow a cell group or house fellowship to hold in our house. You know all the preparation one has to make or the cleaning up, after the meeting if one chooses to serve light refreshment. And to do this on a consistent basis with the fear of the Roman government, the hatred and alienation of the Jews and other non believers, nevertheless  this woman choose to support the men of God in her life and God did not forget her labor of love.  The question to us in the 21st century is that; Can we emulate Priscilla or even improve on the work that she did in the church, in the life of her spouse, family, the community and the church history.  There are a lot of challenges that we sometimes have to overcome as women; while some may be able to overcome them some may not. But we can learn from a lot of women in history who in spite of physical, emotional, financial or even spiritual handicaps they still did something worthwhile for their society and for humanity.  Some of them also reached out to save souls for Christ which is the greatest work we can do for the glory of his name. The story that comes to mind readily is that of Helen Keller, who at the age of 2, contacted an illness that left  her blind and deaf when there was not much technological knowhow as we have now. However this dynamic woman against all odds got a BA degree at the Radcliffe College and because of her various achievements she earned honorary doctoral degrees from Temple University, Harvard and from the University of Glasgow.

She published books and essays, and was also a frequent contributor to magazines and newspapers on blindness, deafness, socialism, social issues and woman’s civil rights. For her biography, see http://www.afb.org  Another woman contributed a lot to humanity in spite of her small stature and her frail figure. When she talked, leaders, both spiritual and secular listened to what she had to say.  Even though this woman was a catholic nun, she reached out to people of different races and culture and for the sake of her Savior. She lived and worked with the less privilege and the downtrodden of the society. The woman, Mother Theresa who came from a noble family decided to take a particular vow and in living out that vow she worked tirelessly and served the poor and indigent in her environment for the love of Christ.  Amongst the people this great woman influenced is Dr Devi Shetty, a Heart Specialist from Bangalore, who has also touched the lives of a lot of poor and needy people through his profession. When asked the question “what has inspired you to do so much for the poor and needy? He answered, Mother Theresa, who was my patient.”  Now Dr Devi Shetty is a man, so beloved you never know how by doing whatever little assignment you can do for the Lord will touch lives, change lives and impact people for Christ and his kingdom.  The woman Priscilla was referred to by Paul the apostle with love and respect because in spite of her demanding roles she still put her mind on the one thing that is needful. And that is, who she is in Christ, who she is to Christ. And in the midst of all the various roles that the circumstances prevailing at that time might have thrust on her, she still listened and learnt at the feet of Christ so much so that there was a church at her house.  May God help us to learn and always be able to do that which is needful so that we can greatly impact our world for Christ Amen and Amen.

I leave you with this quote by Helen Keller
Helen Keller

Welcome !
God Bless You All.

In Jesus name. Amen
Mrs. P. Oni


Any meeting of the children of God no matter what name you give it, is a place for mutual benefit. You may call it conference, or seminar, or symposium or whatever name the end time church may conjure up – I repeat, we are here for mutual benefit. Today, one woman will encourage another woman. Today, one woman will pray for another woman. Every woman will speak to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in our heart to the Lord – according to Ephesians 5:19.
I thank God for those of us here this day, that we did not forsake this gathering as the manner of some is. Many have come from far and near, and have left work and family to keep this appointment. Your labor is not in vain.
In these last days, let us gather in power and in knowledge according to the promise of God. I pray for fruitful deliberations, divine direction and anointed speakers.
Having said these, it is my privilege and honor as I declare this fellowship open in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Women Conference 2008